EPA 2015 Travel Grants

​EPA Travel Gr​​​ants

EPA is handing out 30 Travel Grants to deserving abstract submitters!

Travel Grant winners will receive one year of free membership in EPA (if eligible to become members

Criteria for application

  • Applicants must be under the age of 40 at the opening date of the Congress, 28 March 2015.
  • All applicants must have submitted an abstract to the Congress via the website.
  • All applications will be judged based on the scientific merit of the abstract submitted to the Congress.
  • Applicants must be registered and paid for the Congress by the early registration deadline (Those not registered at this time will not be considered for a travel grant).
  • All applicants must submit a copy of their passport or other document of proof of age.
  • All applicants must submit a letter of recommendation from the head of their department with their application.

Note: Priority will be given to applicants coming from a country which is a member of EPA's Council of NPAs.

​Submit your application with your abstract submission.

Travel grant submission is now closed.

Award winners will be informed by e-mail.

Congratulations to the travel grant winners 

  • Nazanin Alavi, Canada
  • Toni A.D. Ali-Sisto, Finland
  • Jennifer Boisgontier, France
  • Ilaria Bonoldi, UK
  • Lior Carmi, Israel
  • Dario Delmonte, Italy
  • Maria Magdalena Dumitru, Romania
  • Romella J Durrani, Canada
  • Mohamed Ahmed Elwasify, Egypt
  • Rodica Gherghesanu, Romania
  • Michael G Gottschalk, UK
  • Luis Gutierrez-Rojas, Spain
  • Naveen Halappa, India
  • Matthew P Herring, Ireland
  • Ole Köhler, Denmark
  • Soili M Lehto, Finland
  • Madia Lozupone, Italy
  • Anca Mirsu-Paun, Romania
  • José Oliveira, France
  • Paolo Ossola, Italy
  • Silvia Rigucci, Italy
  • Pulahinge C Rodrigo, Sri Lanka
  • Anna Sobieraj, Poland
  • Steinn Steingrimsson, USA
  • Sebastian Trautmann, Germany
  • Letitia Trofor, Romania
  • Phillip Tully, Germany
  • Małgorzata. M Urban-Kowalczyk, Poland
  • Mette V. Hansen, Denmark

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