​e-Poster Sessions

A variety of the abstracts have been selected for poster walk presentation during e-PosterSessions.

e-Poster sessions will take place throughout the Congress date at the e-Poster Area located in the Poster Area.

Each e-Poster Session is planned to have about 22 e-Poster presentations of about 3 minutes each.

Please check the EPA 2015 Final Programme for additional information regarding the posters chosen for e-Poster Poster Walk Sessions.

e-Poster Session will be held throughout the Congress on Sunday 29 March, Monday 30 March and Tuesday 31 March, during the lunch break, covering a wide range of topics.

During the e-Poster Poster Walk presentations,  authors will be asked to present the e-Posterpreviously uploaded. e-Posters previously uploaded will be available at the Congress.


Please submit your poster as a 1-page PDF-file in portrait orientation.

Fileformat: PDF

In Pixel: 1080 width x 1536 height (portrait orientation) In cm: 38,1 width x 54,2 height (portrait orientation)

Fontsize: 16

If you wish to add a video to your poster please consider the following technical requirements:

Fileformat: .pptx

Videoformats: .mp4, .mpg, .mov, .avi

Max. filesize: 40 MB

Max amount: 3 videos

Sound: not supported

Please be aware that only PowerPoint-files with the ending .pptx will work if you want to include videos into your poster!

General information about the E-Poster system:

To easily create your E-Poster we recommend you to use the provided templates. These templates already have the right dimensions.

Download link: http://www.dasterminal.com/Poster-Templates.zip

To upload your poster please follow the next steps:

1. Create your poster with one of the provided templates

2. Export your poster as a PDF-file

• File > Save as > PDF-file

3. Click on the link in your invitation email

4. Register to our system

5. Upload your poster

With Das Terminal you will be able to present your E-Posters in a new and interactive way. Use well known smartphone gestures to zoom, search through the full text of all posters, send a poster to yourself or contact the author directly through Das Terminal.*

You will find more information about Das Terminal here: http://www.dasterminal.com


*Subject to author's consent.​​

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